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January 10 2013

Key to the species of genus Mucanum

Updated key to the species of genus Pygoplatys

 genus: Prionogaster,

species: Encosternum aethiops, Selenymenum piriforme, Lyramorpha (Lyrodes) ambigua, Lyramorpha (Diploxiphus) horvathi, Lyramorpha (Lyrodes) picta, Lyramorpha (s. str.) rosea, Oncomeris bernsteinii, Piezosternum calidum, Piezosternum thunbergi, Plisthenes merianae, Embolosterna unicolorus, Embolosterna vaccaEusthenes femoralis, Eusthenes jason, Dalcantha alata, Dalcantha angularis, Dalcantha inermipes, Mucanum canaliculatum, Pygoplatys raingeardi

new pictures for : Mattiphus aeruginosus (♂♀), Pygoplaty validus (♀)

New live picture of : Asarchia angulosa

January 13 2011

Key to the species of genus Pygoplatys

species: Pygoplatys berendi, Pygoplatys bovillus, Pygoplatys celebensis, Pygoplatys ingenuus, Pygoplatys jordii, Pygoplatys rosulentus, Tessaratoma absimilis, Tessaratoma conspersa, Tessaratoma timorensis,

new picture for : Cyclogastridea nigromarginalis (♀), Pygoplatys lunatus (♀), Pygoplatys thoreyi (♀)

New live picture of : Peltocopta crassiventris (♂♀ mating), Plisthenes australis (♂), Musgraveia sulciventris (♂♀ mating)

The live pictuer errouneously attributed to Mattiphus laticollis has been transfered to Mattiphus reflexus, Mattiphus reflexus where it belongs.

November 8 2010

genus : Malgassus

species: Carpona amyoti , Carpona stabilis, Carpona vollenhoveni, Cyclogastridea vicina, Eusthenes polyphemus, Eusthenes saevus, Eusthenes viridis, Haplosterna virescens, Lyramorpha (Lyrodes) diluta, Lyramorpha (Lyrodes) persimilis , Lyramorpha (Lyrodes) plagifer, Malgassus exiguus, Oncomeris ostracioptera, Plisthenes australis, Plisthenes moluccanus, Tessaratoma nigripes , Tessaratoma nigroscutellata , Tessaratoma oblonga , Tessaratoma stictica , Tessaratoma striata

new picture of  Pygoplatys montanus (male)

live pictures   Pygoplatys lunatus , Pygoplatys validus , Mattiphus laticollis , Tessaratoma papillosa

November 15 2009

genus : Pseudopycanum

species Lyramorpha (Diploxiphus) maculifer, Lyramorpha (Lyrodes) soror, Lyramorpha (Lyrodes) vollenhoveni, Pseudopycanum nigromarginatum,

picture of live Agapophyta viridula

October 31 2009  

species Asiarcha oblonga, Dalcantha stalii, Agapophyta astridae, Agapophyta aurantiaca, Agapophyta occidentalis, Agapophyta ustulata, Agapophyta vankampeni, Agapophyta viridula

October 22th 2009

genus Aurungabada

species Aurungabada singularis

October 20th 2009

species  Lyramorpha parens, Elizabetha courteauxi

April 26th 2009

species  Lyramorpha brongersmai

April 19th 2009

species Mattiphus hians, Mattiphus minutus, Mattiphus reflexus, Mattiphus splendidus

April 16th 2009

species  Mattiphus aeruginosus, Mattiphus celebensis

march 28th 2009

genus Ipamu

species Ipamu schoutedeni

male specimen for species Platytatus ambiguus

march 9th 2009

genus Tamolia

species Tamolia ramifera

january 10th 2009

species Asiarcha angulosa

november 10th 2008

species Oncomeris vicina

november 7th 2008

genus Stevesonius

species Stevesonius acutus

October 30th 2008

genus Empysarus

species Empysarus depressus

October 29th 2008

genus Elizabetha

species Elizabetha vassei

October 25th 2008

new specimen for species Cyclogastridea nigromarginalis

May 23th 2008

species Musgraveia anennata

May 20th 2008

genus Enada

species Enada dollingi , Enada marginepunctata and Enada rosea

May 10th 2008

genus Platytatus

species Platytatus ambiguus

April 28th 2008

species Tessaratoma afzelii
after further study, specimens at first identified Agapophyta viridula  have been transfered to Agapophyta similis

April 19th 2008

genus Siphnus

species Agapophyta bipunctata and Siphnus hercules

April 5th 2008

genus Eurypleura

species Eurypleura bicornis

picture of male of Cumare pallida and new picture for Agapophyta boschmai

March 31th 2008

picture of male of Amissus nitidus and pictures in the live of Rhoecus australasiae and Stilida indecora

March 31th 2008

picture of Pygoplatys lancifer in the live by Michael Lo

March 28th 2008

species Agapophyta viridula

March 26th 2008

genus Garceus, Tibiospina

species Garceus fidelis, Stilida indecora, Tibiospina darlingtoni

March 24th 2008

genus Peltocopta

species Peltocopta crassiventris

March 22th 2008

  male of Neosalica pedestris  male of Piezosternum subulatum

March 18th 2008

genus Dalcantha

species Dalcantha dilatata

March 17th 2008

species Pygoplatys firmatus, Pygoplatys lancifer, Pygoplatys lunatus, Pygoplatys merinjakensis, Pygoplatys montanus, Pygoplatys obtusus Pygoplatys tauriformis, Pygoplatys zonatus

March 16th 2008

species Pygoplatys kerzhneri, Pygoplatys pluotae, Pygoplatys rideri, Pygoplatys tenangau

March 14th 2008

species Pygoplatys thoreyi

March 11th 2008

genus Cumare

species Cumare pallida

March 10th 2008

genus Selenymenum

species Selenymenum contractum

March 2nd 2008

species Piezosternum fallax

species Hypencha ophthalmica

March 1st 2008

species Tessaratoma miscella

February 15th 2008

species Piezosternum subulatum 

January 21th 2008

replaced the specimens displayed by a more typical specimen for species Oncomeris chrysoptera chrysoptera

November 28th 2007

genus Sepina

species Sepina aberrans

November 27th 2007

genus Megadoeum

species Megadoeum karschi

October 22th 2007

Introduction of pictures of female specimens of Sanganus jenseni and Mucanum patibulum

October 18th 2007

suppression of female speicen for species Sanganus jenseni (wrong identification)

species Sanganus westwoodi

August 5th 2007

added a picture in vivo for species Eusthenes brinae

July 30th 2007

species Pygoplatys subrugosus

July 27th 2007

species Pygoplatys haedulus

May 12th 2007

species Pygoplatys acutus and Pygoplatys shelfordi

April 10th 2007

Add picture of a female specimen to species Encosternum delegorguei

April 30th 2007

species Agapophyta distincta

April 15th 2007

species Candace virescens

April 10th 2007

genus Encosternum

species Encosternum delegorguei

April 9th 2007

genus Oncomeris

species Oncomeris chrysoptera chrysoptera and Oncomeris flavicornis flavicornis 

April 2nd 2007

genus Erga

species Erga longitudinalis and Stilida sinuata (link to picture of type)

April 1st 2007

genera Candace and Stilida

species Candace platygastra and Stilida indecora (link to picture of type)

March 18th 2007

genus Rhoecus

species  Rhoecus australasiae

February 18th 2007

species  Lyramorpha (Lyrodes) edulis

February 15th 2007

species  Eusthenes robustus

February 4th 2007

species  Eusthenes brinae

January 28th 2007

genus Plisthenes,

species  Plisthenes dilatatus, Mattiphus jaspideus, Pycanum ochraceum

January 17th 2007

species  Pygoplatys auropunctatus

January 17th 2007

genus Sanganus,

species  Sanganus jenseni

January 17th 2007

genus Cyclogastridea,

species  Cyclogastridea nigromarginalis

January 14th 2007

species Mattiphus laticollis, Pygoplatys longiceps

new link to  Eurostus validus

January 12th 2007

genus Pycanum

species Pycanum ponderosum

January 11th 2007

genus Natalicola

species Natalicola pallida

January 9th 2007

species Carpona imperialis (updated)

January 8th 2007

genus Piezosternum

species Piezosternum rubens

January 7th 2007

genus Haplosterna

species Haplosterna distincta, Pygoplatys validus

January 6th 2007

genus Lyramorpha,

species Lyramorpha (Lyrodes) impar

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January 4th 2007

species Carpona amplicollis

January 2nd 2007

genus Asiarcha, Neosalica,

species Asiarcha nigridorsis, Neosalica pedestris

January 1th 2007

genera Agapophyta and Musgraveia

species Agapophyta boschmai and Musgraveia sulciventris

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