Illustrated catalog of TESSARATOMIDAE
(last update : january 3rd 2024)

This site underwent a major update to catch up with the version  existing in the databases of the  Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle which is undergoing a major update and will not be available on the net for some time. So, if you are interested in Tessaratomidae, bookmark this page. (more info in recent additions)

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foreword : the objective of this site is to build an illustrated catalog of the World Tessaratomidae. It will take some time, as the author has not seen all species in this family, not yet photographed all the bugs he has seen, and more is not sure, for half of them, of the species they belong to. It will evolve with the knowledge of the author, so any contribution is welcome (bugs, pictures, identification).
All the pictures, unless explicitely mentioned, are the copyright of this site. The copyrights of picture of specimens from museums collections belong to the corresponding museums (list). They may be used in publication for scientific or illustration purposes, but only with the authorization of the webmaster of this site (which, by the way, will give you access to full resolution pictures).

The classification of the family used in this site derives from the catalog of Tessaratomidae of Rolston, Aalbu, Murray & Rider (Rolston, L.H., Aalbu, R.L., Murray, M.J. & Rider, D.A. (1993). A catalog of the Tessaratomidae of the world. Papua New Guinea J. Agric., For. Fish 36: 36-108 [45] (catalogue)). They must be thanked for this work which makes it possible to find someone's way in the jungle of this family... Many thanks also to the museums and colleagues which allowed the publication of pictures of their specimens.  A special thanks also to those who allowed me to put their pictures on this site, Christophe Barthélémy, Les Day, Cathy Dzerefos, L C Goh, John Horstman, Michael Lo, Geoff Monteith, David Rentz, Robert Whyte and Noel M. Young.

Recent additions

Number of species displayed : 209 out of the 265 presently known species of the Tessatatomidae family.

(key to subfamilies, tribes and subtribes)

(key to)

     Cyclogastridea Elizabetha Empysarus Encosternum Haplosterna Natalicola Selenymenum Stevesonius

(key to)

    Agapophyta Cumare Erga Garceus Kaytuesso Lyramorpha Musgraveia Neosalica Oncomeris Peltocopta Piezosternum Plisthenes Rhoecus Sciadiocoris Stilida Tamolia Tibiospina








      Ipamu Malgassus Pseudosepina Rhynchotmetus Sepina


(key to)

      Asiarcha Aurungabada Candace Carpona Dalcantha Eurostus Eurypleura Eusthenes Eusthenimorpha Mattiphus Megaedoeum Origanaus Pseudopycanum Pycanum Sanganus Serrocarpona

(key to)

      Acidosterna Embolosterna Enada Homoiacoris Hypencha Mucanum Oukhypencha Pygoplatys Siphnus Tessaratoma